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Saskatchewan Region Guide


Great prairies

The province of Saskatchewan lies in the middle of Canada, a chunk of exotic wilderness that home to a number of incredible attractions that cause travelers to flock there annually.

Whether you are looking to visit a national park and bask in the beauty of the wilderness or attend one of the many popular festivals in Saskatchewan, you won’t find yourself with nothing to do. Saskatchewan’s capital, Regina, is home to a number of hotels and lodges that will help you get to your outdoor adventures with commuter transportation. It also is hosts some of the best festivals in the entire province. However, it’s not the only city with something to do. As you will soon see, Saskatchewan isn’t short of amazing things to see and do.

When planning your trip to Saskatchewan, one of the first things you’re sure to do is figure out a place to stay. In Regina, your choices are many. You can stay at a number of global hotel chains, such as Radisson or Marriott, but to really immerse yourself in the Saskatchewan culture it’s recommended to stay in a place that’s locally owned. One of the most interesting places in Regina can actually offer a trip all in it’s own. Beaver Creek Ranch and Horse Center is more than just a sprawling in with a beautiful outdoor pool. It’s an all-in-one equestrian center perfect for horse enthusiasts. Whether you want to do a little riding while you are vacationing or take part in one of the planned “cowboy” courses, this place has it all.

When many people come to Saskatchewan, though, they’re looking for a little more solitude. More privacy to take in the outdoors, or maybe do some serious fishing. If you’re really the rustic type, there are a number of lodges located all around the province, many of which are situated on lakes that are teeming with trout and other trophy fish. A top choice for lodging is in the upper northwest corner of Saskatchewan. Situated on the banks of Lake Ahtabasca, Tazin Lake Lodge operates a successful and popular fishing lodge from early June to mid-September. You can choose between a five day or nine day fishing adventure that includes a commuter flight from the city of Saskatoon to Tazin Lake, three meals a day, plus a personal guide with boat and fuel for every pair of fishermen.

Speaking of fishing, Saskatchewan boasts some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. Whether you’re angling or fly-fishing, you’ll find a lake full of underwater creatures that you’ll be sure to write home about. The fishing season runs from May to the end of March or April the next year, depending on whether you’re in the south, central, or north fishing zone. There are seven popular game fish that are highly sought after by amateur and professional fishermen: Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, and Yellow Perch. In order to fish in these waters, you’re going to need a license unless you are under 16 years of age. There are also a number of restrictions on the number of fish you can keep, depending on type. You can get all this information from one of the many fishing lodges in the province.

A love of the great outdoors is not the only thing that brings travelers to Saskatchewan. There are also a number of cultural attractions in the major cities. Regina, in particular, has a number of excellent museums that can be seen. The Saskatchewan Science Museum is here, focusing on exhibits related to natural sciences, especially exhibits that focus on themes relating to the Saskatchewan province. For art lovers, the Mackenzie Art Gallery offers a number of revolving exhibits that display elegant and popular art from around the world. If you really want to learn more about Saskatchewan, it’s recommended that you check out the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. It offers a number of galleries and exhibits focusing on earth science, life science, and a very popular one devoted to First Nation Tribes of natives to Saskatchewan. It’s a beautiful and enlightening experience for everyone.

If you’re lucky enough to travel to Saskatchewan during one of the many festivals that are held there, you’ll have the chance to experience the rich culture of the Canadian province first hand. A popular rustic celebration is the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Festival that occurs in August just northeast of Big River, Saskatchwan. This is a smaller festival, but a perfect example of what the larger, more central festivals are comprised of. Food, music, native arts and crafts, and the great outdoors are all common features of festivals in the area. Just about every month there is something going on, so check out upcoming events to see what’s happening before you plan your trip. One good site that lists upcoming events is

There really is something for everyone in Saskatchewan. As one of the most undiscovered parts of Canada, this particular province is perfect for people who really want to get away and experience just how rugged the Canadian wilderness is. Because of the beautiful terrain that is often referred to as “God’s Country,” two national parks have been opened in the area. Grasslands National Park reflects the rare prairie grasses that grow in the province, offering sites of badlands and dinosaur fossils as well. Prince Albert National Park is a different kind that protects the coniferous wildlife that’s part of the more “traditional” view of Canada. Both yield experiences of a lifetime and are great for first time travelers.

So wherever your passions lie, you’re sure to find a place to watch them grow in Saskatchewan. This off the beaten path province has more to see and do than you could ever imagine. You just have to look hard to find it. Once you do, though, you’ll see why so many tourists are going ape over the wildlife, the fishing, and the culture that can be found in Saskatchewan. Plan your trip today and you can soon find out just what everyone’s talking about.
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