The History of Transportation Museum is part of the Western Development Museums found throughout Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located on Diefenbacker Drive in Moose Jaw. It is open from nine to five year round, however from January to March it is closed on Mondays. The prices are $8.50 for adults and $5.75 for students. You can get a discount if you travel as a family or pre-book your group. You can also find discounts through community coupons in the Moose Jaw area. This museum showcases all the means of transport that were utilized in Canada from its earliest settlers up to the modern aviation age. At the start of the museum you will see canoes, travois, pack horses, and Red River carts. Then there is a section on steam engines and rail travel. Next come Canada's network of highways, her cars, and the impact this technology has had on the land. Finally there is a section devoted to air travel starting from the first canvas frame aircraft. The History of Transportation Museum is the only one to feature a section devoted to Canada's aerobatic team, the Snowbirds. You can even get a look behind the scenes of one of their hangars. The museum gift shop has lot of Snowbird merchandise as well as other transportation themed gifts. The museum also has special events, such as motorcycle and model train shows. There is a community play day, a weekend rail festival, and a 1950s throwback weekend.