Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan in Canada and the second largest province in the country. The citizens of the place are known as ‘Reginans’. The place was incorporated as a city in 1903 and is the capital of Saskatchewan since 1906. Regina’s climate is semi-arid continental with warm summers and extremely cold winters. Located on a flat, treeless and waterless plain, its immediate surroundings are well watered and parklands full of trees. Not to mention, the beauty of the place is man-made. The population of the place is dominated mainly by Germans, English, Scottish, Irish, Ukrainian, French, and the Polish. Regina is rich in natural resources like oil, gas, sodium sulphite and the like which contribute to the city’s economy. The transport system is mainly constituted of buses. The Transit Department operates the services in the city and provides efficient transportation to the various parts of the city. And it is in balance with the environmental sustainability. For the expansion of the transport system, the city is working on a Transit Investment Plan currently. The job opportunities in the city are also on a rise due to the continuous development plans being undertaken. Regina is a great place to work and holds it work ethics high. The place is a growing tourist destination owing to its outdoor attractions and culture. The major attractions of the place include the huge parks, Wascana Lake, Victoria Park, the ornamental ponds, the museum, art gallery, Mormon Temple, and the Evraz Place. The added attractions are the casinos, shopping malls, active nightlife, restaurants and dining, and the never ending festivals.