A visit to the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in on the waterfront in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada will give you a tour of the law making process of the province. Seven days a week there are free tours for the general public and school groups. They begin every half hour during the operating times of the building: 8am to 5pm during the winter and 8am to 9pm during the summer. Individual visitors can drop by but groups should book ahead. During your tour you can also read a Parliamentary Education brochure or watch a similarly themed video on request. If you plan your visit right you can even listen in a legislative session. Specific question and answer sessions are Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. On a tour you will not only learn about Parliamentary procedure, but you can also learn about the building itself. It was built in the early 1900s using white stone. Of historical interest in the building is the table that was used to sign Quebec's provincial charter in 1864. Other unusual architectural details, such as the legislative floor's red carpet will also be pointed out on your tour. The lavish Beaux Arts architecture style of the Legislative Building lends itself to photography. If you wish to have wedding photos taken on the Grand Staircase, Rotunda, or Prince of Wales room, you can do so for free. You must book ahead however. The Saskatchewan Legislative Building provides both services and beauty to the people of the province.