The MacKenzie Art Gallery is located in Regina, Saskatchewan on Albert Street. The gallery is open seven days a week but hours change on weekends and holidays, so be sure to check before visiting. Admission is free most of the time; occasionally a special exhibit will be showing that will ask for a cover charge. Free parking is available and the entire gallery is wheelchair accessible. The MacKenzie Art Gallery is committed to sharing the world's artistic heritage with the people of Saskatchewan. They have 24,000 square feet in which they try to showcase artists from every country. They also often feature artists from Canada's First Nations. All of the exhibits are set up for self-touring and have explanation panels on display next to the pictures. However, if you are interested in a tour you can take a free one on Friday night or during the afternoon on weekends. School and other group tours can be set up by appointment. The gallery hosts a permanent collection, in-house exhibitions, and traveling exhibitions. The permanent collection has both historical and contemporary works of Canada, as well as collection of European paper works. All new exhibition openings are marked with a reception and meet and greet with the artist. The gallery also has art classes, workshops, family events, storytelling sessions, and featured artist presentations. Additionally they engage in provincial outreach programs that allow them to bring original works of art to rural Saskatchewan.