The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is located on Albert Street in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is open seven days a week year round. During the winter months it is open from 9am to 4:30pm. From May to Labour Day it is open until 5:30pm. Admission is by donation only, however the suggested contribution is $6 for adults, $3 for children, and $15 for families. While the exhibits are displayed in English, French language translations are available on request. The entire facility is handicap accessible. There is free onsite parking and four local bus lines that stop near the museum. The museum has three main galleries: Life Sciences, First Nations, and Earth Sciences. Life Sciences explores the delicate balance of Canada's ecosystem, as well as animals and insects from around the world. The First Nations gallery shows art and artifacts from the first people to settle Canada. You will also see recreated dioramas of their traditional way of life. Earth Sciences is about the geological history of Canada from when its first formation, to its time as a warm shallow sea, and on to today. One of the highlights of Royal Saskatchewan Museum tour is the Megamunch exhibit of a robotic, half-sized T Rex dinosaur that roars out a greeting to all visitors. Information and pictures from the museums other projects such as the RSM fossil research station and the T Rex Discovery Centre are on the museum grounds. Student centered learning programs are also available.