Located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico’s easternmost state Quintana Roo is a coastal city formerly known as ‘ekab’ or ‘the black earth’, and currently recognized as Cancun. With a foundation laid on April 20 in the year 1970, the city became famous due to its viability of making cash through tourism development. The population of this coastal city is about 5, 72,973. The elder portion of the city consists of super-blocks that are differentiated by winding streets that are specially designed to keep the traffic out.

The climate is characterized by warm temperature and moderated marine breezes under the influence of onshore trade winds. The Average temperature ranges between a maximum of 32°C to a minimum of 26°C during days and between a minimum of 18°C to a maximum of 25°C at nights. A tropical storm period is experienced from May creating havoc to the city.

Pleasant climatic conditions together with a number of archaeological sites attract around four million tourists every year who come in an average of 190 flights on a daily basis. There are about 150 hotels with more than 24000 rooms and 380 restaurants making it feasible for the city to earn enough foreign exchange through tourism alone.

With the city centre located on the mainland, connecting the Nichupte and Bojorquez lagoons, to a tapered ‘7’ shaped island, where many prominent hotels are located, Cancun is mainly known for its tourism. It has a few colleges established recently which offers higher education to both Mexican and foreign students.