Located just 22 miles off the southwest coast of the city of Los Angeles in California, Santa Catalina Island, more popularly known as Catalina Island, is one of the eight Channel Islands situated off the Southern Californian coastline. It is the only island in this archipelago that has been made into a permanent settlement mostly by people from the United States. Catalina Island has been recognized as one of the top romantic getaways where couples celebrate their weddings and spend their honeymoons. The island's main town of Avalon offers couples a cozy romantic setting with a distinct Mediterranean taste. It is no wonder then why Santa Catalina Island has also been known as the Island of Romance. But there is more to Santa Catalina Island than just providing a romantic setting for lovers out there. In fact, Santa Catalina Island offers a wide variety of different activities and attractions for the entire family. The spectacular seaside scenery Santa Catalina Island is known for provides a great backdrop for travelers who would like to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as biking and hiking in any of the numerous trails that cut through the entire island. At night, there are a number of different developed camping grounds situated on different parts of the island which allow you to snuggle up as you sleep under the stars while being lulled by the soft sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Of course, the island is also a favorite destination for travelers who enjoy a variety of different water activities from kayaking to scuba diving. For those who would like a dose of adrenaline, enjoy paragliding from the edges of the cliffs that surround the island, which offers you a breathtaking view of the island from the air.