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The size of California is vary large, which means that any traveling plans should probably be limited to one area of the State in order to see what is there. Its weather brings a near Mediterranean like climate, which means it is great for traveling almost year around, with it being cooler in the north ...

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On the Napa Valley Wineries Trail

"One hundred bottles of beer on the wall…" Maybe in Milwaukee, but not in Napa Valley, California home to more than one ...>

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What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is region in California defined by a high concentration and number of technology firms. The growth of advanced ...>

By: Goparoo Staff

Today's Featured California Attraction

Redwoods National Park
Located in the northern region of California, the Redwood National Park was established as a means to protect the majestic redwoods from massive deforestation activities brought about by the western expansion ...
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