Florida may be known as the sunshine state, but California has certainly earned the name unofficially. This huge state has attractions that range from surfing or snowboarding to desert treks or camping in the woods. One sunny city right along the California coastline, San Diego, seems to exist solely for the pleasure of visitors and residents alike. There are many things to see and do in this coastal Pacific Ocean city which is located at the most south-west part of the United States. When most Californians think of San Diego, they think of the zoo. The San Diego zoo is a huge zoo with animals from all around the world. It is certainly something worth seeing when you check out no matter when you visit the city, since the zoo is open every day. You might love animals enough to want to check out the San Diego Wild Animal Park when you are done with the zoo, and get even more of the wild experience. Have even more fun checking out the underwater side of the animal kingdom at Sea World San Diego. Visit with the famous killer whale, Shamu, as he performs for millions of delighted guests. Not enough rides at Sea World to keep you entertained for your whole vacation? The whole family will love Legoland of San Diego, which claims to make everyone a hero. You will certainly feel like a hero as your kids enjoy the many rides and attractions. If the zoo, rides, and Shamu are not your things, then think about taking some time on the beach to enjoy yourself instead. There are activities for anyone from surfing or sailing to snorkeling and scuba diving. Not dive certified? Discover scuba classes allow you to take a quick course and dive right in under the supervision of a professional dive teacher, exploring the underwater world on your first day. If you love it, you can continue with scuba classes to become dive certified yourself. Of course, you don’t have to be underwater to enjoy the ocean at San Diego. Spend your time playing games or just relaxing on the beach if you prefer – there’s room for everyone. Whale watch from December to March, and when you’re done on the beach, maybe consider heading inside to enjoy a little theater. If history is your thing, or if you love art, then check out some of the many museums in San Diego. You’ll tire yourself out trying to see all of the museums in the city, but you definitely won’t be able to hit them all in one day, or maybe even in just one week. When you get tired for the day, check out some of San Diego’s many gourmet restaurants to round out the experience and completely enjoy your experience in San Diego. Want to try a new kind of entertainment? You might not consider coming to California for the casinos, but San Diego certainly has their share of Indian casinos for your gambling pleasure. They also have plenty of other things to entertain you, from fine dining restaurants to classy theaters. You could spend an entire day in a casino without even noticing time pass! Before you head home, treat yourself to one last pleasure: a day at the spa. San Diego has many spas to choose from, so it will not be hard to find a nice day spa near your hotel. Men and women alike can enjoy a relaxing massage, and plenty of other relaxing features to send you home feeling ready to face the world again. It is not hard to see why San Diego is a destination worth seeing for yourself. From single travellers to couples or families with kids, there is something for everyone in San Diego. Come visit, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love.