Big Sur Region

Big Sur Region

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The Big Sur region is located on the central region of the state of California in the United States. Considered as one of the most sparsely populated coastal regions in this part of California, the Big Sur region is located 193 kilometers, or 120 miles south of the city of San Francisco and 394 kilometers, or 245 miles, northwest of the city of Los Angeles. The name of the region has been said to have been derived from the Spanish term El Sur Grande, which is literally translated as "The Big South". The primary source of income for the Big Sur region is tourism. The terrains that make up the Big Sur region offer visitors some of the most stunning sceneries on this side of the United States. One of the most visited sights in the region is Big Sur's Cone Peak, which is considered as the highest coastal mountain in the entire United States. Indeed, the Big Sur region is a haven for travelers who are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and commune with the pristine beauty of nature. Much of the land here in the Big Sur region is privately owned and has been donated and converted into state parks. The residents here are extremely conscious of their environment. For this reason, the natural beauty of the terrains that make up the Big Sur region has remained unspoiled over the decades. As such, the parks and forests that can be found in the Big Sur region offer a vast diversity of flora and fauna, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the entire state of California, much less in the rest of the county.

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