The city of Beverly Hills is one of the most popular cities in the state of California in the United States. Located on the western edge of the city of Los Angeles, the city of Beverly Hills provides a convenient access to the cool beaches and mountain foothills in Southern California. It is popular throughout the United States and the rest of the world for not just for its shops and its residents but its beautiful residential properties too. One of the most famous residential areas is the Sunset Boulevard. The Bel Air mansions over there are simply breathtaking.

While shopping and people-watching are common activities done in the city of Beverly Hills, there are also a number of different things to do and places to visit during your trip here. There are a number of different tours that not only give you the opportunity to visit some of the popular places in Beverly Hills ranging from half day walking tours or those that would last you the entire day while on board a trolley.

The rich and diverse culture found here in Beverly Hills can also be experienced by visiting the numerous art galleries and historic buildings scattered all over the city. One of the most popular sights visited is the Greystone Mansion and Park located on Loma Vista Drive. Built during the roaring 1920s, visitors are taken back in time as they are toured around the mansion and park, catching a glimpse of the lifestyle of the rich and famous during an era gone by.