Sacramento (population 1,223,000) is located in north central California about ninety miles east of San Francisco and the coast. It can be reached by Interstates 5 and 80 as well as State Highway 91. Sacramento has its own airport with flights to most of the United States as well as some international locations. Other international flights will land at San Francisco, but the two airports are very well-connected. Sacramento is has a warm climate. The average winter lows reach 40 degrees, while in the summers the average high is 94 degrees. The highest recorded temperature in Sacramento was 114 degrees. Annual rainfall ranges between 17 and 20 inches. Sacramento is the state capital of California. It is also the oldest city in California to be chartered; its incorporation date was in 1849. Sacramento prospered greatly from the gold rush. It primarily was a trading post to supply Sutter’s Mill, but there is gold in the hills surrounding Sacramento; some gold mines are still producing ore. Today, the largest employer in Sacramento is the government. Transportation, information technology, higher education, health, hospitality, and business services make up the majority of the rest of Sacramento’s economy. Visitors to Sacramento will enjoy a variety of activities. Winery tours, amusement parks, art galleries, farmers’ markets, and the performing arts will make any Sacramento stay enjoyable. It is even possible to take a river cruise on the old paddlewheel steamboat, Delta King down to San Francisco Bay. The American River provides 23 miles of paths for joggers, bikers, and walkers to enjoy Sacramento’s scenic beauty.