Located in the eastern part of California in the Sierra Nevada region, Yosemite National Park is known for its wilderness. Spanning across an area of 1,200 sq miles, this park offers numerous waterfalls that will captivate you for eternity. It is a place where you can satisfy your adventure spirit since there are valleys, vast meadows, ancient giant sequoias and a lot more to explore. Only 5% of the park's area is used by the general public as 95% of the area falls under wilderness. Yosemite National Park is the World Heritage site. Before the white people settlement in the mid-19th century, this area was inhabited by the natives known as Ahwahneechees. However, the Caucasians under the USA flag attacked the region during this time. The attack was met with severe resistance from the natives. But, the whites won the battle and the region was captured. The Ahwahneechees were sent to the 'reservations' – places where only natives live. The Yosemite National Park became a tourist attraction by some serious efforts from the side of Mr. James Mason Hutchings, Thomas Ayres, Charles Leander Weed and Ansel Adams in the mid-19th century. The park boasts of diverse wild-life which includes bear, gray fox, woodpecker (white-headed), spotted owl and various types of bat species. There are 250 different species of vertebrates. The flora consists of forests having ponderosa pines, cedar, sugar pine, Douglas fir and some giant sequoia. As you ascend the height, the coniferous forests give way to the red fir, white wine and lodgepole pine.