From the youngest child to the oldest great grandparent, the New England Carousel Museum, in Bristol, Connecticut, is a magical and wonderful museum; and the beauty of it is that it has some of the most amazing carousels that have ever been built. Many of their carousels are restored to their original grandeur and are complete with some of the most remarkable hand-carved horses, coaches, and other animals that have ever been built. They also have a great collection of memorabilia that visitors will certainly enjoy. Visitors to the New England Carousel Museum will enjoy a variety of activities, including the following: - The Bushnell Park Carousel was built in 1914 by Stein and Goldstein and is one of the oldest merry-go-rounds in the country. It has 48 horses, some standing and some jumping, a couple of chariots, and an incredible organ to provide that marvelous music. - The Museum offers a delightful 'edutaining' class that teaches the history of the carousel and why it has always been one of the most appreciated works of art in the world. - They also provide an arts and crafts lesson that the children can participate in and take home an actual piece of art they have made to remember the trip and these amazing carousels. - The shoppers in the family will love the gift show with their collection of books, carousels, t-shirts and more. When in Bristol, Connecticut, one of the best places to visit is the New England Carousel Museum.