One of the most interesting seaports in New England, is the lovely town of Mystic, Connecticut, and is designated as a historic community. Some of the most beautiful sailing ships in the world have come through Mystic and the locals at the Mystic Seaport are always willing to tell some of the great stories of the area. This little village is located along the Mystic River and not far from the Long Island Sound, giving it excellent access to the Atlantic Ocean. Once the travelers arrive in Mystic, there are a number of activities that are enjoyable, such as: - One of the best maritime museums in the country is the Museum of America and the Sea because it has the best collections of boats and ships, along with the arts and crafts of a 19th century seaport - Visitors who love unique bridges will enjoy the Bascule Bridge that crosses the Mystic River. It’s a remarkable drawbridge that is 218 feet long and 85 feet wide connecting both sides of the town of Mystic. - The Charles W. Morgan whaling ship is one of the ships on exhibit in the Seaport Museum. This ship sailed in the mid 1850’s and is an extraordinarily beautiful whaling ship. - The Mystic Aquarium is always a popular destination, known for their research on beluga whales, is home to whales, sea lions, penguins, sharks, octopus, and numerous fish. With plenty of activities in Mystic, Connecticut, for families, this is a great destination.