Storrs, Connecticut, is the home of the Museum of Puppetry; home to one of the most astounding collections of puppets that have been collected worldwide. They have enormous collections of books on puppetry, its history, creating puppets, and some great videos and movies about this amazing art. They feature shows, workshops, tours and some wonderful performances and events for the whole family. When traveling in Connection, be sure to stop at the Museum of Puppetry to experience some of these great activities: - One of the greatest exhibitions is the Punch and Judy handpuppets, which feature some of the most popular handpuppets that have ever been made. Be prepared to remember some of the most hilarious shows and some of the most frightful puppets ever made. - Visit the Frank and Elizabeth Haines puppet exhibit that depicts life during the 1930s Depression with their puppet exhibit. - The Epic Shadows puppets from Andhra Pradesh from India are made with the brilliant colors and designs ever created of the rituals of the shaman. - Of course one can't visit the puppets without seeing the Operas in which they perform, such as 'The Magic Flute' and many more. - Be sure to stop by the Library and see the collection of over 2500 pieces of writing about puppets and puppetry. People of all ages have enjoyed puppet shows for many generations, and the Museum of Puppetry in Storrs, Connecticut, is a perfect place to learn about this amazing form of entertainment.