This is one of the most popular playhouses in Washington. It also happens to be the same building where President Abraham Lincoln was shot in. This is why it is regarded as an historic theater. Although it has undergone some renovations in recent years, its historical value has not been eroded. After the most recent renovation the theater was reopened to the public in February 12, 2009. A visitor to the theater gets to see and learn about the following: • The historical shooting of President Abraham Lincoln, by John Wilkes Booth.
• What the then President Abraham Lincoln was doing at the theater (he was watching a comedy, Our American Cousins). Apart from that Ford's theater is home to the Lincoln museum. A tour to the theater is free, but a ticket is required for a visitor to gain entry. Alternatively visitors to the theater can pick same day passes at the theater. Visitors get to watch a National Ranger's - interpretive program that highlights the civil war in Washington. Visitors get to see the president's box in which President Lincoln was in when he was shot, although they are not allowed to enter it. Ford's theater still remains a working theater and a visitor can get to experience theater productions at their best. However visitors will also be interested in paying a visit to the Petersen House where President Lincoln was taken to after the fatal shooting. The Petersen House together with the theater are preserved as the Ford's Theatre National Historic Site.