Being the capital of the United States, Washington, DC is a city that is one of the most predominant tourist locations in the whole United States. There is a plethora of American history located in this town, but there is also much more. For example, the art scene is unrivaled by another town in America. At the same time, entertainment also comes at a premium, especially with the recent additions of the MCI Center and FedEx Field, both of which see many events each year. Washington started as a town that was a base for the political ambitions of a growing nation and was the site of many historical incidents while also being home to some of the greatest people throughout American history. Washington’s most famous attractions are located along the National Mall, which is home to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument, and the reflecting pool, which is another great draw for citizens and tourists of the city alike. Many other monuments grace the areas around the Mall as well as the famous Washington Fireworks like on the 4th of July. The Vietnam Monument can be a very somber place to visit but is not meant to dishearten but inspire. The newly formed World War II monument is another site that is very popular to visit and was installed on the Mall to remember one of the greatest sacrifices of life that America has ever experienced. Another famous monument that has inspired many Americans is the Iwo Jima Marines monument, an image etched in all Americans’ memories from an early age. The city is home to quite a number of memorials, chief of which are the triumvirate of memorials – Roosevelt Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. Many of the attractions in the Washington area are free of charge, so it is important, as a citizen, to visit many of the sites that are open to the public. One of the great institutions that always attracts many visitors is the various National Museums, all of which have been created by the Smithsonian Institution and house some of the greatest innovations found in America, as well as some that have been created on an international level. There are many museums under the Smithsonian’s tutelage, and they all have their own specific lures to many tourists visiting the District of Columbia. The National Museum of Art is very popular with tourists and is home to some of the rarest exhibits of artistic works, some of which cannot be seen at any other location. The Museum of National History is of much importance and is very good at documenting the growth of America as a nation. There are other, more private museums, which are also high in demand among tourists. Still, the Smithsonian museums cannot be beaten, especially when considering the lack of an entrance fee along with all of the contents in each building. The National Zoo is another historical landmark, being that it is America’s zoo, but it is also the site of some of the most amazing creatures on the planet. Most of the animals that draw in the most tourists are from other countries, but there is a great assortment of American wildlife to be found at the National Zoo. The zoo gains much of its attention through the lucrative processes of acquiring pandas from China and having some of the best wildlife facilities in the nation. Of course, other significant political-related landmarks include the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Washington is a city that has it all. There is enough history in the city to keep visitors busy for a month. The art scene rivals all of the top artistic locations in the world, especially when combined with the other locations that grace the nation’s capital’s Mall. So there should never be a loss of what to do when visiting a town such as Washington, D.C.