The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is located adjacent to the National Mall in Washington DC, with local offices in various areas including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. The museum offers visitors with an understanding and appreciation of the Holocaust. The museum gives a detailed historical journey of the holocaust, which is well documented. The USHMM relays largely on the federal governments budget for funding. Highlights of the USHMM • It was opened in 1993.
• Ninety percent of the visitors to the museum are not of Jewish decent.
• So far the museum has seen over 29.5 million people visit it since inception.
• The museum is open from 10:00am to 5:30pm, but also offers extended hours in peak season.
• Its doors are open to the public throughout the year, closing on two occasions only, Christmas and Yom Kippur.
• At the museum you can get to meet some holocaust survivors who can give you first hand information about the holocaust, there are ninety one survivors at the museum.
• The museum has more than 80,000 historical photos.
• The museum offers visitors free admission. However during the peak season (March to August) visitors have to make arrangements so that they get their admission tickets in advance to avoid any delays. To sum it up the museum is a must see if you happen to get to Washington, bearing in mind that 91 Heads of State have already visited it.