The Roosevelt Memorial is situated along the Cherry Tree Walk near the National Mall in Washington D.C. It is a tribute to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The memorial is wide and expansive, with close to 8 acres. It is a relaxing place – with a statuary, waterfalls, alcoves and shade trees that provide a warm atmosphere for the four outdoor galleries that house memorabilia related to FDR. With Lawrence Halprin providing the design, the memorial also boasts of sculptures and art works by Thomas Hardy, Robert Graham, Leonard Baskin, George Segal and Neil Estern. The memorial is not only for FDR but also provides us with a nostalgic trip through history during FDR's time and is aimed to provide 'a memorial that will do him the honor he deserves and transmit his image to future generations.' This is how Congress described the goals of the Memorial when they established the FDR Memorial Commission in 1955. The four outdoor rooms show each of FDR's terms in office. The first room shows the story of his early days as president. The second room features scenes from the Depression. The third room has a 10-foot statue that shows FDR in a wheelchair. The fourth room is a monument to FDR's life and legacy. Another sculpture also shows the statue of his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.