The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a national memorial that honors the American military men and women who served in the Vietnam War. This includes all the servicemen and women who survived, died or went missing during the war, as there are some who are still unaccounted for. The memorial is located in Washington DC and has been in existence for 29 years. The memorial is made up of three separate parts, namely: • The Vietnam Women's Memorial
• The Three Soldiers Statue and
• The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Of the three parts The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall remains the most popular with visitors. Highlights of The Memorial • The Memorial Wall's was designed by Maya Lin.
• The original 58,175 names on the wall's typesetting were done by Datalantic.
• The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, a nonprofit outfit was used to raise the funds for the construction of the memorial.
• The main part of the memorial was completed in 1982.
• It receives over 3 million visitors every year.
• The three soldiers' statue depicts the diversity in the American military.
• The Women Memorial show three women and depicts the women who served in the war, most of whom were nurses.
• People who pay a visit to the memorial leave sentimental items that are collected by the National Park Services staff and stored in the National Park Services' Museum and Resource Center A visit to the Veterans Memorial will surely help you to understand the history of the American Nation and the pride in their Nationhood.