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Jefferson Memorial

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The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is dedicated to the third president of the United States and an American Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson. The memorial was built after Congress passed a resolution in 1934. It stands on the Potomac River's Tidal Basin, in West Potomac Park, Washington D.C.

The building is a neoclassical structure completed in 1943. It was designed by John Russel Pope and built by John McShain. Reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon, it has Ionic columns built in circular form, marble steps and a portico. Danby Imperial marble from Vermont covered its outer columns and walls while the ceiling is made of Indiana limestone. Meanwhile, the interiors have Georgian white marble for the walls and Tennessee pink marble for the floor. The pedestal with Jefferson's statue is made of Missouri gray marble. Of course, the main attraction is the 19-foot bronze statue of Jefferson. The 10,000-pound statue was engraved by Rudulph Evans.

The words 'I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.' appears engraved on a frieze under the dome. Other stirring quotes from his writings are also engraved on the interior walls.

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