The Korean War Veterans Memorial was a privately funded memorial which was officially opened on July 27, 1995 in Washington DC to honor those who survived in the Korean War and then handed over to the National Park Services. The following aspects about the memorial distinguish it from any other memorial: • The memorial's groundbreaking was done by President George Bush Senior, while its opening was presided over by the then President Bill Clinton and the President of the Republic Korea, Kim Young Sam.
• It honors the survivors of the Korean War which lasted for three years between 1950 and 1953.
• The memorial is constructed in a way that it consists of a circular structure where the circle represents the pool of remembrance in a grove of trees and a triangular structure which intersect with it.
• The structure of the memorial tries to show case the war field with 19 lifelike statues of infantrymen.
• A 164 foot long granite wall, dark in color which depicts the range of combat and support troops who served in the war.
• The memorial also lists twenty two nations that contributed troops or medical support to the United Nation's efforts in Korea. The memorial is not too large, thus a visitor can spend a short time here before visiting a different parts of Washington.