This huge cross stands over 100 feet tall, and measures 22 square feet at the base and 16 square feet at its highest point. Overlooking the southern Illinois region and the Mississippi River flood plain, the cross was constructed back in 1963 after a series of successful fundraising efforts made by Wayman R. Presley, a local postal carrier residing in Alto Pass. While this may have been the case, the story of the Bald Knob Cross goes further back to the late 1930s, when Presley spoke to Rev. William Lirely about using Bald Knob Mountain as a venue to conduct Easter Sunday Services which can be attended by all Christian denominations practiced within the state. Over time, various crosses were established on top of the mountain by pilgrims from these Christian denominations. The Bald Knob Cross was then established at the center of all the crosses to pay homage to the efforts of Presley in providing a venue where all Christian denominations can celebrate Easter Sunday. Today, the tradition continues on. Christians not just from Illinois but from other parts of the United States and even in other parts of the world come to the mountain and under the foot of Bald Knob Cross to celebrate Easter Sunday Service. Apart from this, blessings and other special events are also held under the shadow of Bald Knob Cross all year round.