Fall into the enchantment of the French Quarter Neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has long since weaved its magic throughout the years, making it one of the most unforgettable places you will visit. Vieux Carre (French for Old Square) spans the Mississippi River from Esplanade Avenue to Canal Street and then goes all the way to Rampart Street.

The French Quarter exudes a unique vibrancy that is all its own. It is an enthralling mix of American, French, Spanish, and Creole cultures, which also show in the quarter's architecture. So be prepared for visual treats as you amble along its streets. These houses are attractions in their own right, with their survival of the times past a thing for celebration. Some of these regal homes (some dating back to the late 1700s) have been turned into museums so be sure to visit. Most of these can be found along St. Louise and Chartres Streets.

Here is a rundown of the things you should see. The Napoleon House at 500 Chartres corner St. Louise used to house the deposed Emperor and is now a bar. Then drop by Bartolome Bosque's house at 617 Chartres, a prime example of a Creole townhouse, with its Spanish Colonia ironworking. There is also the Pedesclaux-Lemonnier House, which boasts of a curved salon that is the best in the Quarter. Other homes you should visit include the Beauregard-Keyes House, the Brulatour Patio, Madame John's Legacy, the Williams Residence, the 1850s House and the Hermann-Grima House.

Aside from the architectural gems that will leave you oohing and aahing in delight, there is a cornucopia of experiences for you – shopping, dining and listening to music are just some of your choices. You can also try the buggy rides around the quarter.

The French Quarter is also a walker's paradise. You need not bother with a car as you can easily explore the streets on foot. Discover what each street has to offer. As it is named, Bourbon Street caters to those who want to experience how it is to get drunk at the Quarter, with its bars and pubs. This is also where you can start your search for the best New Orleans jazz. You can also try the Preservation Hall at St. Peter Street.

Explore Jackson Square, which is the heart of the French Quarter, which offers great views of the Mississipi River. Here, you can have your fortune read, listen to live music or visit several old houses and buildings, including Cabildo (which used to be the city hall and is now a museum). You can also have your portrait made, as this is the 'headquarters' of the Jackson Square Artist Community. Stroll along Royal Street, where you can do some upscale shopping – paintings, artworks, antiques, and other curios are there for the taking. Parallel to Royal and Bourbon Streets is Chartres Street, which boasts of having the highest concentration of well-preserved colonial-era structures. Visit Pirate's Alley and see whether the legends you hear about it are true. This is where you can find the William Faulkner House. You can also do some shopping at the Old French Market, and you may even get a bargain at its flea market. Journey on a boat, Cajun-style, and go on a swamp tour Jean Lafitte. Other places you should not miss include the New Orleans Jazz Park, the Historic New Orleans Collection and the Old U.S. Mint.

Yes, there is so much to do and explore in this section of Crescent City. Make sure you don't miss the French Quarter when you make your stop at New Orleans.