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One of the great vacation areas off the coast of Massachusetts is Martha's Vineyard, just off the coast of Cape Cod, and is one island that makes the Outer Lands area of the state. The island is less than 90 square miles in size, but it's still one of the most popular islands to visit in this area. Tourists can only access this island by boat and it's one of the most beautiful places to visit in the summer months, with comfortable warm temperatures, great beaches, and many activities. It was originally settled by the Wampanoag tribe; Europeans began settling on the island around 1642.

There are many activities available on Martha's Vineyard, such as:

• There are many beautiful beaches in this area that are great for lounging around in the sun, or even swimming in the beautiful blue Atlantic waters, which include Cape Pogue, Lambert's Cove, and Harthaven.

• One of the most spectacular lighthouses in the area that's worth seeing is the Edgartown Lighthouse, just off North Water Street near the harbor.

• Whale watching is always popular and it's a thrill to see these magnificent creatures.

• The Flying Horses Carousel is a must for visitors because it's the oldest one in the country that is still running.

• Golfers will enjoy some of the most beautiful places for a great game of golf.

• Hikers and bikers will love the Correllus State Forest and it's wonderful trails.

Martha's Vineyard has some wonderful entertainment for tourist,
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