Located in beautiful Concord, New Hampshire, the New Hampshire State House provides the home to the Governor of the state of New Hampshire, the General Court, and the Executive Council. This is the oldest state house in the United States and the legislature still uses this striking building that had construction begun in 1816. It is designed in the Greek 'Revival' technique with lovely granite and the huge Corinthian columns lining the front of the building. A golden dome sits on top of this structure and has larger windows with an arched style, along with the small windows at the dome that supports a smaller lantern. A wooden sculpture of an eagle was situated at the top of the dome in 1818 and was replaced in 1957 due to environmental damage. There are several things to see and do at the New Hampshire State House, including: 1. Beautiful grounds on the two and a half acres of land are available for tourist to stroll through and are home to a variety of statues such as President Franklin Pearce, and Daniel Webster. 2. The Hall of Flags, called Doric Hall, contains 107 flags that were used in different wars including the Civil War, both World Wars, the Spanish American War, and Vietnam. 3. The chambers for the State Senators and the House reside inside the building and contain a variety of murals that illustrate various events in the state's history. The New Hampshire State House is an educational destination for families.