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New Hampshire Region Guide


A Richness of History and Beauty

When you say the words New Hampshire, doesn’t it bring to mind an English countryside, rolling and green with quaint little towns nearby? Well, New Hampshire did derive its name from an English county called Hampshire, so it must have reminded the early English colonists of a special place back home. New Hampshire actually was one of the original 13 colonies and eventually became the ninth state to join the Union. With all that claim to fame in its background, New Hampshire is rich in cultural history as well as being a beautiful state with much to offer to anyone as a home base or just as a great place to visit.

New Hampshire is also called the Granite State not only because of its natural resource of that rock, but also because of the hardiness of its forefathers and its present day inhabitants. Any state that can boast as being one of the original 13 colonies can indeed count as descendents those with strong roots and an endurance worthy of survival among their ancestry. Echoed in their state motto of “Live Free or Die”, this natural instinct of self preservation continues yet today in its people and culture.

Every few years New Hampshire is in the limelight because of its stature in being the first primary in the United States presidential election campaign. There is always much ado about who does well there and all eyes watch New Hampshire with eager anticipation for the outcome. However, besides national attention directed its way because of this, New Hampshire is a state that offers much more to people looking for a vacation spot, a beautiful place to visit, or a plethora of outside as well as inside activities to choose from.

Some of New Hampshire’s recreational offerings include skiing, both downhill and cross country along with many other winter sports such as snowmobiling, show shoeing. Summers find vacationers taking advantage of spectacular lake living complete with all the water sports that go along with it. In the mild weather, car enthusiasts can be apart of the excitement at the New Hampshire International Speedway, home of the wildly popular NASCAR events. There is also a well known and attended motorcycle rally located in Laconia, New Hampshire that is a favorite of motorcycle jamboree attendees each Year.

For the family looking for a great place to vacation or just get away for a long weekend, New Hampshire offers many different options to choose from. There are historical sites and museums plus nature centers and scenery-viewing train rides, this state has hundreds of family activities for you to take pleasure in. New Hampshire also is home to many state parks that are a plentiful resource for outdoor recreation and learning about local nature. Who wouldn’t want to lounge by the ocean or enjoy some lake swimming and outdoor grilling, or get familiar with their surroundings by hiking through gorgeous countryside areas or biking various woodland trails? Most of these numerous campgrounds are equipped for recreational vehicles as well as the more adventurous tent campers. For your outdoor convenience, these parks are handily located throughout the state and are an affordable and rich resource for year round family recreation and fun.

Another tempting attraction about the state of New Hampshire is beauty that awaits those with a yearning for the open road. This beautiful state is a driving dream at any time during the year. From roads built to take advantage of the breathtaking Atlantic coastline that targets the rolling surf to mountain byways that travel through the state’s majestic peaks. The roadway system also offers historic routes that pinpoint meaningful highlights from the state’s long and fascinating past. In the autumn when the foliage begins to put on its spectacular show of fall colors, the roadways light up with awe-inspiring landscapes that add delight to any road trip. The scenic byways that comprise New Hampshire's roads are a part of the state’s unique offerings that attracts thousand of visitors per year.

While on vacation or perhaps just out for a day or two trip, New Hampshire holds a wealth of lodging possibilities with cozy New England inns in quaint villages, out of this world bed and breakfast venues or, for the more extravagant and discerning traveler, some pretty fancy 5 star accommodations in some of the larger cities. The historical small towns that dot the New Hampshire landscape are rarely without an offering of an overnight stay in a charming little hotel that harkens back to an earlier time. If one is really lucky, they have heard by word of mouth, which is as good a recommendation as any tour guide, that there is a picturesque bed and breakfast on their route which will afford a night or two of exquisitely self-indulgent accommodations with 500 thread count bedding, views to die for and last but not least, homemade cuisine, both in the evening and at breakfast, that makes the stay more memorable than perhaps even the affordable rates.

If a big city escape is what you’re after, it will not be difficult to locate a hotel with international credentials that will even house a certified cordon bleu chef running its kitchen. Along with the exquisite food offered in this type of facility, the savvy traveler will no doubt have quizzed the helpful front desk on the type of nightlife offerings in the area, be it a dance club venue, art gallery or local theater- the big city will hold an abundance of selections for those looking for more after dinner. During the daylight hours don’t miss out on all the opportunities that go along with city life such as tours, trying the local flavor at an out of the way restaurant, craft fairs and markets, superb shopping- the options should be boundless.

New Hampshire has so much to see and do for every type of traveler. Whether it is a family looking for the adventure of camping in a beautiful state park, an exercise enthusiast who wants to conquer one of the scenic bike trails or someone wanting to experience the culture found in a large city, it is all right there waiting for them. The rich history that comes with everything the state stands for leaves its mark in every corner, be it in the rolling hillsides dotted with cattle and picturesque farmlands, the ageless small towns or the incomparable scenery that spans majestic mountains, coastal vistas and the lush greenness of the forests- New Hampshire has it all. One visit may not be enough!
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