It sounds almost unbelievable that three small words – Isles of Shoals – can induce romanticism to such an extent as they do. The Isles of Shoals is a group of nine small islands nearly six miles away from the New England coast, spanning the borders of New Hampshire and Maine. These were first sited by an English explorer, Capt. John Smith, in 1614. Initially, these islands served the purpose of seasonal fishing camps by Native Americans and gradually got transformed into chief fishing area for the young British and French colonies. The island does not contain any significant trees or plants except huckleberry and bayberry bushes, woodbines, wild roses and similar more. Also, there are no grounds that can be transformed into gardens. The only thing contained in the island is the cluster of rocks arising out of the oceans. The island is visited by people who want to spend some time in peace and refresh their mind and body. Although not very attractive, these islands are loved by tourists for their healing silence that invigorates their mind and body. There is hardly any wild life seen on the island except for the plentiful water birds that can be seen year–round. Also, some land birds can be seen around during December. The main point of attraction is their calm summer weather that adds a charm to the beauty of the island. There are a few summer houses that provide tourists with homelike comforts. Nowadays it is not difficult to reach the Isles of Shoals as numerous excursion boat companies cruise to the Isles of Shoals.