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American Independence Museum
Located in Exeter, New Hampshire, the American Independence Museum is one of the Historic landmarks in the area. It is one acre that contains the Folsom Tavern that was built around 1775 and the Ladd-Gilman home built around 1721. This museum highlights the role of the Gilmans during the American Revolutionary War and their contributions to the founding of the country. These were normal people who played a vital role in the founding of a country dedicated to liberty, freedom, and equal justice under the laws.

There are a variety of activities at this American Independence Museum, such as:

1. The first copy of the Declaration of Independence that was published by John Dunlap, and is referred to as one of the "Dunlap broadsides is one of the original 200 copies of the Declaration that was printed. It is on display and is believed that both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin may have been there when these were printed... read more arrow
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For those who love the outdoors, White Mountain in the state of New Hampshire is one of the most relaxing places in New England. With magnificent mountains, spectacular foliage in the fall, wildlife, and some of the most picturesque scenes in the northeast, this area is a great place for a great vacation. The flowers in the spring, beautiful lakes, fall foliage, and a winter wonderland of snow makes this are one that is enjoyable for the entire family.

There are plenty of activities in White Mountain, including:

- The photographers will have a great time with the abundance of scenery, around the mountains, the waterfalls, and the lakes, plus the wonderful wildlife.

- For the train aficionados, the Conway Scenic Railroad provides some wonderful train rides through the Valley or the Crawford Notch that leaves from an authentic 1874 Victorian Depot.

- Nature lovers will be delighted with the Flume Gorge, and taking the spectacular 2 mile walk along an amazing chasm past waterfalls, ponds, and various covered bridges with the mountains to provide the background scenery... read more arrow
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Located in beautiful Concord, New Hampshire, the New Hampshire State House provides the home to the Governor of the state of New Hampshire, the General Court, and the Executive Council. This is the oldest state house in the United States and the legislature still uses this striking building that had construction begun in 1816. It is designed in the Greek "Revival" technique with lovely granite and the huge Corinthian columns lining the front of the building. A golden dome sits on top of this structure and has larger windows with an arched style, along with the small windows at the dome that supports a smaller lantern. A wooden sculpture of an eagle was situated at the top of the dome in 1818 and was replaced in 1957 due to environmental damage.

There are several things to see and do at the New Hampshire State House, including:

1. Beautiful grounds on the two and a half acres of land are available for tourist to stroll through and are home to a variety of statues such as President Franklin Pearce, and Daniel Webster... read more arrow
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Originally named Fort William and Mary, this fort was originally built in 1791 at the mouth of the Piscataqua River, as a stronghold to protect the town of Portsmith, New Hampshire. When the shipyards were created further up the river on Fernald's Island in the early 1800s, the walls of this fort were fortified, made higher, and when several new buildings were added, the name was changed to Fort Constitution. The fort was expanded again during the Civil war as granite citadel, as it stands today. There are no "formal" tours of the fortress available, but families are free to roam around and explore the building and the grounds.

There are several things to do around Fort Constitution that will be interesting and fun for visitors, such as:

- Bringing a picnic lunch and enjoying the breathtaking view of the harbor is one of the most relaxing and picturesque activities that are available for the day.

- Photographers will have a great time capturing the scenic views of this for, and the lighthouse will provide a great focal point for pictures... read more arrow
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Ragged Neck Harbor is one of the most scenic harbors in New Hampshire, and is home to the Rye Harbor State Park. Imagine sitting on one of the picnic tables, enjoying a lovely lunch and watching the elegant sail boats floating gracefully around the harbor. This state park consists of 63 acres of land with waterfront access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Just enjoying the sunshine and the views of the Rye Harbor State Park may not be enough for some visitors, so there are other activities available in this wonderful harbor.

1. Many visitors to this park have a great time going saltwater fishing, and there are some boats offering deep sea fishing excursions as well for the more adventurous guests.

2. A variety of hiking trails are also available around the park, but be sure to bring the camera because the wildlife and the flora will provide some excellent sources for the photographer to take back some fantastic photographs... read more arrow
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Imagine walking through one of the most beautiful botanical gardens with a spectacular view of the North Atlantic Ocean. Well that's certainly what the Fuller Gardens in North Hampton, New Hampshire, has to offer. Just think of strolling through the spectacular rose gardens, not to mention enjoying the lovely fragrance of these beautiful flowers, and enjoying the bright sunny day. With their abundant varieties of flowers, statuary, and fountains, this is a delightful way to spend a day.

With the variety of activities, some of the most enjoyable includes:

- For the Horticulture enthusiast, this is a veritable gold mine, with the abundance of the beautiful Floribunda, and other incredible antique roses in this garden, they will feel as if they have stepped into their dream gardens.

- A variety of educational classes are available on the different types of roses, caring for them, pruning, classifications, and the general fun of growing these amazing gifts of nature... read more arrow
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One of many wonderful footbridges that allow visitors to cross over a river is the Cocheco River Footbridge. This is a somewhat newer bridge, built around the mid 1990s, that is the only footbridge in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire that is actually covered; and no vehicles of any kind are allowed on the bridge. Hikers will enjoy the bridge that allows them to get across the river to the Dover's Henry Law Park on the opposite side of the Cocheco River. This bridge spans 156 feet across the river and is a single span bridge that supports a Stringer truss for the footbridge and a covered roof; and it has somewhat of a humpback appearance.

There are a variety of activities that are available around the Cocheco River Footbridge, which includes:

- A variety of hiking trails that nature lovers will certainly enjoy are provided on the park side of the bridge... read more arrow
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It sounds almost unbelievable that three small words – Isles of Shoals – can induce romanticism to such an extent as they do. The Isles of Shoals is a group of nine small islands nearly six miles away from the New England coast, spanning the borders of New Hampshire and Maine. These were first sited by an English explorer, Capt. John Smith, in 1614. Initially, these islands served the purpose of seasonal fishing camps by Native Americans and gradually got transformed into chief fishing area for the young British and French colonies.

The island does not contain any significant trees or plants except huckleberry and bayberry bushes, woodbines, wild roses and similar more. Also, there are no grounds that can be transformed into gardens. The only thing contained in the island is the cluster of rocks arising out of the oceans. The island is visited by people who want to spend some time in peace and refresh their mind and body... read more arrow

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