Ragged Neck Harbor is one of the most scenic harbors in New Hampshire, and is home to the Rye Harbor State Park. Imagine sitting on one of the picnic tables, enjoying a lovely lunch and watching the elegant sail boats floating gracefully around the harbor. This state park consists of 63 acres of land with waterfront access to the Atlantic Ocean. Just enjoying the sunshine and the views of the Rye Harbor State Park may not be enough for some visitors, so there are other activities available in this wonderful harbor. 1. Many visitors to this park have a great time going saltwater fishing, and there are some boats offering deep sea fishing excursions as well for the more adventurous guests. 2. A variety of hiking trails are also available around the park, but be sure to bring the camera because the wildlife and the flora will provide some excellent sources for the photographer to take back some fantastic photographs. 3. There are also biking trails in the summer and snowmobiling trails during the colder winter months. 4. Of course, fresh seafood is in abundance in this area, and there are some great seafood restaurants for the hungry tourists. 5. Whale watching is an incredibly amazing adventure – just think of how exciting it would be to see an enormous whale breaching and flapping their great flukes. 6. Kayaking is also one of the activities available. There is an assortment of activities at the Rye Harbor State Park that's great fun!