One of many wonderful footbridges that allow visitors to cross over a river is the Cocheco River Footbridge. This is a somewhat newer bridge, built around the mid 1990s, that is the only footbridge in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire that is actually covered; and no vehicles of any kind are allowed on the bridge. Hikers will enjoy the bridge that allows them to get across the river to the Dover's Henry Law Park on the opposite side of the Cocheco River. This bridge spans 156 feet across the river and is a single span bridge that supports a Stringer truss for the footbridge and a covered roof; and it has somewhat of a humpback appearance. There are a variety of activities that are available around the Cocheco River Footbridge, which includes: - A variety of hiking trails that nature lovers will certainly enjoy are provided on the park side of the bridge. - Photographers will have an abundance of subjects with the bridge, the underlying river, and the beautiful trees and flora of the area. - Picnickers can enjoy a peaceful picnic on the park side of the bridge and spend a quiet day enjoying the lazy river and the beautiful scenery nearby. - Bicyclers are not allow to ride their bicycles across the bridge, but they can walk them across and enjoy the many trails throughout the park. The Cocheco River Footbridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in New Hampshire that spans a lovely river.