The city of Dover is located in Strafford County in the state of New Hampshire. It has a population of about 28 900 and covers an area of 29 square miles. The city became known as Dover in 1637 at its incorporation. In its early days it became a very successful seaport and became known for ship building. In the 19th century the city flourished in cotton products manufacture. Since Dover happens to be the oldest settlement in New Hampshire, it has some historic buildings and factories that provide a glimpse into the bygone times. Dover can be reached from the Logan International Airport as it is less than an hour away. Other places in the region can be accessed by rail. Among the places of interest in Dover are the Children’s Museum, the Woodman Institute Museum, Hilton Park at Dover Point and the Garrison Hill Tower. The Children’s Museum features exhibits for children and events that they can take part in. The Woodman Institute Museum features collections of artifacts from historical times. Hilton Park at Dover Point is a riverside park which is very picturesque. This park has an area for picnicking and is also suitable for boating and hiking. Whether you are looking to spend some quiet times or hanging out with friends the park is a good place to enjoy. The Garrison Hill Tower is a Tower located on top of Garrison Hill. Visitors scaling this tower have the opportunity of viewing the entire seacoast region.