Located in Exeter, New Hampshire, the American Independence Museum is one of the Historic landmarks in the area. It is one acre that contains the Folsom Tavern that was built around 1775 and the Ladd-Gilman home built around 1721. This museum highlights the role of the Gilmans during the American Revolutionary War and their contributions to the country's founding. These were normal people who played a vital role in establishing a country dedicated to liberty, freedom, and equal justice under the laws.There are a variety of activities at this American Independence Museum, such as:1. The first copy of the Declaration of Independence published by John Dunlap and is referred to as one of the 'Dunlap broadsides is one of the original 200 copies of the printed Declaration. It is on display and is believed that both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin may have been there when these were printed.2. The original Purple Heart given for exceptional heroism by George Washington to the soldiers during this Revolutionary war is on display.3. A rare copy of the U.S. Constitution is also one of the most significant historical documents on display.4. The Folsom Tavern is the original building and was the center for great debates on American politics during the 1770s – not much has changed in the last 250 years – these lively political discussions continue today.This American Independence Museum is a great place to bring the family.