North Hampton is a city located in the county of Rockingham in the state of New Hampshire. The city was originally a part of Hampton, and got incorporated in 1742. The city has a population of about 4500 and occupies a land of 13.9 square miles. The city includes a little of the Atlantic Ocean coast although the bulk of the city is situated inland. Among the places of interest in North Hampton are the Fuller Gardens, Centennial Hall and Union Chapel. The Fuller Gardens feature formal English perennial borders, Japanese garden, a public conservatory, tropical and desert specimens and a large number of rose bushes. The gardens make a beautiful and scenic setting for weddings or other private functions with a maximum of 100 guests. If you are a gardening or nature enthusiast you will definitely enjoy strolling through the garden and taking in all the different species. It can also be a relaxing atmosphere where you get away from your busy schedule and take your time to unwind. Centennial Hall was established in 1876 as a schoolhouse. It however transitioned into a community center. With this new development, it became the hub for dances and theatrical performances among other social events. With the construction of a new school the place is now being brought back into the mainstream social life of the residents of New Hampton. Union chapel was established in 1877 and is a pretty building located close to the Fuller Gardens.