The city of Portsmouth is situated in the state of New Hampshire. It has a population of 21000. Buildings from the 1800s still stand in the city giving it an interesting historic look. The city was settled in 1623 and is the third oldest in the United States. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is the oldest in the country. Portsmouth has been dubbed a culturally rich city due to its architecture and contemporary arts. Among the places of interest in Portsmouth are the Strawbery Bank Museum, Prescott Park, Children’s Museum of Portsmouth, beaches and historic homes. The Strawbery Bank Museum was formed in an effort to preserve the history of Portsmouth. The museum features buildings from the 17th century as they were back then and a lot of artistic work is being done to preserve the artistic prowess stretching into the past three centuries. Prescott Park features varieties of flowers set in flower gardens. An annual Prescott Park Arts Festival features music and theatre arts from a wide range of musicians and productions. The Children’s museum features various exhibits and activities to entertain and educate children. Though Portsmouth has a very short coastline, it offers some interesting beach activities such as trails and picnic areas. It is also within reach of other beaches in the nearby towns. Visitors to Portsmouth can visit the historic homes featuring tidbits of history to be explored. There are many homes to pick from and all offer unique buildings and furnishings.