Atlantic City is located in New Jersey, the Atlantic County and it is a great resort, home to a lot of different kinds of entertainment and other activities. Be it gambling or your shopping or just a nice fine dining experience, all is covered by the confines of the city. And all is done next to the sea which adds to the romantic and wild natured experience. For those with a love of history it’s worth mentioning that the Atlantic City is the place where the Monopoly game has gotten its roots from and to many, a pilgrimage to see the sights and the wonders of the city is a must. The city is actually located on an island and its residing population consists of a number of 35,000 people with numbers as large as 260,000 or in excess coming to visit every year. As mentioned above, Atlantic City is house to a great number of different casinos, and as such the revenues and the money circulated by this system are quite high. In fact a law of 2010 has loosened the particulars of the gambling business so as to attract even more people. Therefore new casinos that are smaller can be built and you really have a wide palette to choose from if you’re into this entertainment. In terms of the weather, it is very agreeable - the humid subtropical climate assuring that the winters are quite on the warm side while in summers a lot of precipitation can be expected.