The coastal region of New Jersey features a great sightseeing beacon, that is the tallest lighthouse in the New Jersey state and the 3rd tallest building constructed out of masonry meant to be a lighthouse in the entire US. It was built in 1854 and its completion was celebrated in 1857 when it was first lighted. At the moment, although it is lit every night it no longer is a n active aid to sailors but rather a touristic attraction for its many visitors. Everybody is invited to climb inside it, for a small fee which takes the form of donations. It also functions as a small museum being fitted with an external gallery, but also a great attraction is the actual act of climbing to the watch room and being delighted by the extraordinary view. To attract even more visitors in 2002 the Absecon Lighthouse has been fitted with a keepers' quarters' re-creation of the original facility where you can enter and buy some nice souvenirs or other interesting lighthouse related trinkets. However this is not its sole utility. The above mentioned Keeper's house recreation also functions as a museum and its exhibits are quite diverse - ocean life, shipwreck objects and some nice local memorabilia are all on display and can account for some interesting local stories. It is a great way to educate your children on the history and utility of lighthouses.