Trenton is the capital city of the New Jersey state and it is quite a big town with a lot of facilities and places to see that appeal to a lot of people from around the world. Its population is around 82,000 people with quite a few outside visitors mostly in the summer period. Trenton’s economy is largely based around manufacturing of diverse goods, 19th century slogan used to commemorate this state of affairs by saying that “What Trenton makes, the world takes”. However, recent years and the recession have proved that it can easily be downsized but with an intervention from the government the city has stabilized and is again powerful and roaring. Trenton is the place to be if you have an interest in sports, especially in football or basketball. An interesting effect is the unusual split of the townspeople in regard to their interest in the teams that they support. As the distance of broadcast between Trenton and Ney York as well as Philadelphia is quite the same, you will find both Eagles fans as well as Union and Flyers fans together hoping for the best of their favorite team. Also in the field of sports one may be interested to know that Trenton has been the place for automobile racing with the Trenton Speedway being hosted for a number of years up until 1979 and from then on hope has been high that the event will return to the city.