Durham, known as the county seat of Durham county, is one of the many cities in the state of North Carolina. About 228,330 citizens live in this city, which is hailed as the fifth largest in the state. These residents are used to the humid subtropical climate which is common in the entire American southeast. The city’s name was taken from Bartlett S. Durham, a physician who donated land for the construction of a railway station in 1849. Native Americans were the first settlers in Durham. They established residences and transportation routes which contributed to the development of the city that we know today. In the 1700s, Irishmen, Englishmen and Scots settled on the city which was given to John Carteret by King Charles I. The beauty of the city fascinated explorer John Lawson, who tagged Durham as the “flower of the Carolinas.” Durham plays home to two notable universities, Duke and North Carolina Central University, and plays as one end of the “Research Triangle,” together with Raleigh and Chapel Hill. In 1924, industrialist James Buchanan Duke established a foundation after his father Walter Duke. The foundation supported Trinity College, which was then renamed to Duke University. Presently, the basketball team of the said university has made college athletics so famous in Durham. The team sells out every game they play at the Cameron Indoor Stadium. Durham is a city focused on culture, as it is fond of holding fêtes such as the American Dance Festival and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.