The North Carolina Museum of Life and Science is the former name of the Museum of Life and Science. This educational hub is situated in Durham, North Carolina. The exhibit has indoor and outdoor environments which are comprised of concepts related to natural science. The museum spans 80 acres, and is intersected by Murray Avenue. The main building is located north, together with its many exhibits. The administrative buildings and parking spaces can be found at the southern half of the land. • One of the museum's prominent features is the Aerospace exhibit, which centers on the early NASA programs. Some displays are borrowed from the National Air and Space museum. These artifacts include the moon rock, Neil Armstrong's dosimeter, and the lunar rover, to name a few. • Another famous exhibit is the Dinosaur trail, which is home to model reptiles, amphibians, and reptiles. One of its most famous artifacts is that of the Brontosaurus. The T-Rex and Triceratops can also be found in this trail. Rhinoceros and mammoth models can also be viewed here. • Another exhibit is the Magic Wings Butterfly House, which was opening in 1990. This conservatory is mainly a butterfly haven. It also features tropical plantation as well. Located inside the Butterfly house is the Bayer CropScience Insectarium, which exhibits insects from all around the globe. • The Explore the Wild exhibit, which opened in 2006, is a place where you can find animals such as red wolves, lemurs, and American black bears.