Allison is located in Statesville, North Carolina. The town comes alive with activity for one big event weekend of each year. It attracts numerous artists from across the United States who, portray the historical and civil life of America's rich history spanning three centuries. The event's style of presenting the entire history is so vivid that visitors get a glimpse of what war heroes actually did to free the country. The event depicts the war in a lively manner and also honors the victories and courage of these heroes. The wars that are enacted here are the Revolutionary War, World War II, Vietnam War and the Civil War. In World War stage drama, you can witness original armored vehicles that were used in the war. The action also includes firing of cannons which will give you real life-like experience and you will also be able to feel tremors within the ground. If you want you can take a night tour whereby you will be taken through the midst of battle scenes. You can even satisfy your cravings at the local restaurant after your night tour. The event takes place during September 18-19 of every year. For more information, please visit the event website at