The Oklahoma Aquarium is located in Jenks, a suburb approximately 14 miles south of Tulsa in east-central Oklahoma. Visitors are welcome to stay at the Holiday Inn and Suites that has recently opened adjacent to the aquarium. It is open daily from 10am to 6pm and later on Tuesdays. Admission is $14 for adults and $10 for children. School and tour groups can receive additional discounts. The Oklahoma Aquarium was conceptualized in 1984, and finally opened to the public in May of 2003. It is dedicated to 'conservation through education.' The aquarium is a non-profit operated by the Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation and the Jenks Aquarium Authority. In the Oklahoma Aquarium you will find over 200 exhibits teeming with salt and freshwater aquatic species, as well as some mammals. Exhibits are divided thematically. The main exhibit areas are: Biodiversity, Adaptation, Fishes of Oklahoma, Hayes Family Ozark Stream, Oceans Room and Coral Reef, Ray and Robin Siegfried Families Shark Adventure, and Marvels and Mysteries. As an illustration of the diversity of exhibits available at the Oklahoma Aquarium, the Hayes Family Ozark Stream features fish, invertebrates, reptiles, and mammals indigenous to a northeastern Oklahoma stream, while on the other hand, Marvels and Mysteries showcases exotic species such as electric eels, lionfish, and octopi. Adjacent to the Oklahoma Aquarium is the Karl and Beverly White National Fishing Tackle Museum. It is built around Karl White's private collection and holds 30,000 pieces of antique and modern sportsfishing gear. Admission to the Tackle Museum is free with the purchase of an aquarium ticket.