Tulsa (population 393,000) is located in northeastern Oklahoma, approximately one hundred miles from Oklahoma City. It is the second most populated city in Oklahoma. It is best reached on Interstate 44 or State Highways 412 and 165. Tulsa boasts the Tulsa International Airport with flights to many major US metropolitan areas. Tulsa’s climate varies widely from season to season. In the winter, the average low is 35 degrees. During the summer months, however, the average high can touch 83 degrees. Tulsa receives approximately 40 inches of rain per year. There are five universities in the greater Tulsa area: Oral Roberts, Langston, St. George’s, Oklahoma State-Tulsa, and the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Tulsa has its own arena football team, the Tulsa Talons. The Tulsa Oilers are a professional hockey team that plays at the Bank of Oklahoma Center and the Tulsa Drillers are Tulsa’s minor league baseball team. Tulsa boasts the Oklahoma Aquarium and the Tulsa Zoo, both major centers for conservation and natural education. Discoveryland is a western-themed attraction and outdoor theatre that permanently plays Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Oklahoma! complete with live animals. Visitors to Tulsa will also enjoy its Big Splash water park, Geoscience Center, Tulsa Speedway, and many other museums and parks. Tulsa is also not lacking for choice of restaurants and nightclubs. Tulsa lost many of its trees to an ice storm in 2007. It has since been promoting a campaign to re-green the city. It is also promoting many other measures to make the city more environmentally friendly.