Situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Gilcrease Museum is recognized as one of the premiere facilities for the preservation and study of the art and history of America. Each year, the museum is host to thousands of locals and tourists alike who would want to capture a glimpse into the rich historical and cultural heritage of this country. Apart from being home to the largest and most comprehensive collection of artifacts, artworks and relics of the American Midwest, the Gilcrease Museum is also home to a number of unique collections of historical documents, maps and native American artifacts and relics that remains unparalleled anywhere else in the United States. Daily public tours are made available to visitors of the Gilcrease Museum. You have the option to join a group tour headed by an in-house guide to take you through the most notable collections and exhibits in the museum. One of the most popular guide tours offered in the museum is the Enduring Spirit guided tour. Lasting between 45 minutes to an hour, the Enduring Spirit guided tour features some of the most prized Native American artifacts and relics housed in the museum. Artworks created by Native American artists are also featured during the tour with the tour guides explaining the theme of the artworks generally focusing on the expressions of their own identities, cultural differences and the aspect of change as perceived by the Native Americans. You can also opt to explore the museum on your own through the audio guides that are available at the entrance for a minimum rental fee.