Muskogee (population 38,000) is located in eastern Oklahoma. It is approximately 50 miles southeast of Tulsa. The best way to reach Muskogee is to take the Muskogee Turnpike down from Tulsa or up from Interstate 40. There is an airport in Muskogee at Davis Airfield, but commercial traffic ranges from light to non-existent. You are better off flying into Tulsa and driving down.

The climate of Muskogee varies with the seasons. In the summer it is hot, with the average high reaching 93 degrees. Winters are much colder and the average low bottoms out at 25 degrees. Muskogee receives about 43 inches of rainfall a year.

Prior to statehood, Muskogee was the unofficial capital of Indian Territory, as Oklahoma was then known. Later, the capital was shifted to Oklahoma City, however Muskogee is still the center for the Five Civilized Tribes and hosts the Five Civilized Tribes Museum. In the early years of the twentieth century, Muskogee attracted business from food processors and beverage bottlers. These businesses still play a large part in Muskogee’s civic life; Love Bottling Company donated $250,000 to Muskogee for the Love-Hatbox Sport Complex.

If you chose to visit Muskogee, don’t miss the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. You may even be lucky enough to see a concert at the Civic Center. River Country water park has also recently opened near Muskogee. In the city itself, you can avail of 8 miles of walking trails, beautiful municipal parks, restaurants, and lots of antique shops. During the summer, try to catch the action at the Muskogee Fairgrounds or the Outlaw Motor Speedway.