Samuel Colt bought a farm and a church near Bristol, Rhode Island, and this 454 acres eventually became the Colt State Park. Shortly after purchasing this spectacular land, he had a summer house constructed that he called 'The Casino' and he added a large barn to house his award-winning Jersey cows and bulls. The entrance was designed after Versailles' Petit Trianon and had a pair of full sized bull statues to welcome guests and guard the entrance. This beautiful estate was converted to a park in 1968 when the state purchased the property. There are some great activities to do around the Colt State Park including: - This beautiful park offers several fireplaces and gazebos for visitors to rent for parties, reunions, and just fun for families and friends to get together. - For visitors who enjoy hiking and jogging, there are some excellent trails – just be sure to bring a camera too, because there are some spectacular sights along the trails and abundant wildlife. - Equine-lovers will have a great time riding along the wonderful bridle trails. - Boaters will enjoy a lovely outing in the beautiful waters along the shores and fishermen will find some excellent places to fish. - In the wintertime, these grounds provide some great places for snowmobiling and even some cross country skiing. For guests visiting the beautiful Colt State Park and all the amenities and activities that are available for visitors. There are plenty of things to do in this truly great park.