Of all the lighthouses in Rhode Island, the Beavertail Lighthouse is considered the foremost lighthouse in the state. It was built in 1749 and sits at the Narragansett Bay entrance in Jamestown's Beavertail State Park. There have been many restorations of this magnificent lighthouse due to hurricanes, and other normal wear and tear of aging, but it still provide that critical light to help the boats navigate around the East Passage of Narragansett Bay. It takes the light about seven seconds to make a full rotation and it continues 24 hours every day, and it's equipped with a foghorn that sounds during foggy days and nights. This Beavertail Lighthouse is an exceptional historic site and as it stands at 45 feet, and it was the third lighthouse that was built in New England. One claim to fame is that it actually was a part of the American Revolution when the British military fled from Newport and set the tower on fire and took the light out to foil the Revolutionary troops from locating the British troops as they retreated. Visitors touring the lighthouse will find the view of the harbor to be magnificent, and the rocky cliffs around the lighthouse are popular as a fantastic fishing site. Seafarers will enjoy a boating excursion around the waters that this great structure illuminates. When traveling to New England, one of the best lighthouses in the area is the Beavertail Lighthouse. Its historical significance and beautiful setting make it a very popular destination.