One of the most unique places to see in Providence, Rhode Island, is the Avon Cinema, which is an Art Deco Theater and one of the oldest and grandest in America. Originally, this site was the Toy Theater in 1915, but it was closed and used as a parking lot for a number of years. Later it re-opened in 1938 and it continued to delight audiences with an array of films from all over the world. During World War II, the owners decided that on American films would be shown at this film; afterwards it became an art house that primarily showed European films primarily from Italy, England, and France, along with a variety of American movies. The Avon Cinema has continued throughout the years with one screen, even when theaters housing multiple screens are the prevailing interest, this one has survived with a loyal attendance of local patrons. It resides close to Brown University on the East Side on Thayer Street, and is extremely popular with the student and visitors to the area as well as the locals. During the 1980s when Repertory films declined in popularity they found that showing the first runs of American films and some foreign films would continue to be the most popular way of attracting an audience. They now show the best movies and shows and compete quite well with the larger, less elegant multiplex theaters. When traveling in Rhode Island, take some time and enjoy a great movie at the Avon Cinema.